Nifty Ways To Reduce Your Costs On Your Shoe Purchases

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Unless you’re a cartoon character who wears the same outfit day in and day out, you probably have a closet full of clothes in various styles, colours and designs. No doubt you have a good variety of shoes to enhance your overall look as well. If you don’t because you’re limited by the size of your budget, don’t fret. There are ways you can reduce your spending on shoes that will let you have the styles you want in the colours that you like.

Follow these smart tips on buying boots, heels, wedges, sandals, flats and other footwear and you can have a pair to match every outfit, for every occasion!

Buy shoes online using coupon codes

Buying your shoes online can save you loads of money because of all the special deals and discounts you can get via coupons or voucher codes. There are several voucher sites you can check out to see all the active codes for a particular brand of footwear or shoe retail store. Some codes let you have instant savings because of massive discounts–up to 70 percent off the regular price of shoes–while others let you shave money off a second pair of shoes when you buy one at the regular price.

Public Desire is one online store that frequently provides its customers with coupon codes, so they can get more off their purchases. If you need a Public Desire voucher code to save money off your next shop, then just click on the link and you can discover which deals are currently available at Public Desire. Don’t be a dummy and waste your money paying the full price!

Voucher codes are great for when you’re building your shoe collection, are about to start working at a new company or are beginning a semester at school. If you like what you’re wearing, this will translate to feeling good about yourself and you can be sure to have the confidence you need to face the challenges ahead. What’s more, if you’re a student and are registered at UNiDAYS, you get discounts on purchases!

Check out online clearance sales

Retailers usually have clearance or end-of-season sales at their respective online stores, so be on the lookout for sales by subscribing to newsletters or following brands on social media. If you’re OK with waiting every few months or so, you’re sure to be rewarded with fab discounts on the shoes that you want. You have to act quickly however to make sure the pair you want in the right size is still in stock.

Shop in stores that sell retail overruns

You can purchase branded shoes for less at stock overrun stores, which sell items that are up to 90 percent cheaper than the original price. Stock overruns are either manufacturing overruns or items that weren’t sold in boutiques at the end of the season. If you don’t mind wearing shoes from last season, this option is a cheap and practical one–there are shoes that never go out of style anyway, such as classic pumps and peep-toe heels.

Look around online marketplaces and auction sites

Online selling platforms such as eBay or Preloved offer items that are slightly used, or bought new but never used. Sometimes people buy shoes they find they couldn’t wear after one occasion and they post this online. Buying shoes in these marketplaces requires a bit of luck, especially if you’re out looking for a particular style or colour, but it’s worth a try if you want to reduce the costs of your shoe purchases.