Are You Making These 5 Online Shopping Mistakes?

Shopping online lets you buy anything you want straight from wherever you are, whether it’s at home or the subway. The convenience of not having to search through racks of clothes or shelves of shoes is too great to pass up, especially when you know your size and have shopped online for clothes and shoes before. However, things can get out of hand, and before you know it, you’ve basically overspent your monthly budget and drained your bank account.

To enjoy online shopping without breaking the bank, we’ve highlighted some of the worst mistakes online shoppers often commit. We hope that these can help you become aware so that you can avoid doing them yourself.

Shopping without a coupon code

Coupon codes exist for a reason. They’re there to help shoppers score discounts and grab the best deals online. And because they lead people to make purchases, coupon codes also let businesses grow a profit. It’s a two-way street you can take advantage of. There are many coupon or discount codes available online, and there’s a code for everything you can think of that’s being sold in online marketplaces.

You’ve got discount codes for shoes, flower deliveries, food, coats, homeware and even hotel rooms. Voucher sites collect these codes and publish them, giving you a one-stop shop for all the discounts you’ll ever need. Some stores also advertise coupon codes for products on their webpages and social media accounts, while others send them out through newsletters. If you’re a loyal customer, follow your favourite brands on social media or subscribe to their newsletters so you can get first dibs on exclusive promos.

Not checking the size chart

If you like shopping for clothes and shoes, you’re probably aware that retailers and brands often make use of different size charts. Your shoe size may be a 7 in one store, but in another store you’re an 8. When shopping online for clothes and shoes, make sure to check the size chart they use to avoid ending up with a too-small or too-big shoe or an ill-fitting dress.

While stores do have a return policy for these instances, it’s still a hassle having to have the items exchanged. You’ll probably have to pay extra for shipping, too.

Not shopping around

Unless the product you want to buy is an exclusive from just one retailer, it would be better for you to shop around first before hitting the “Buy” button. Take time to shop around online to see which retailer offers the best deal. Use price checkers and price comparison tools to help you see which stores have the item you want and how much they’re selling it for. Don’t forget to check shipping rates and return policies to help you make an informed decision.

Not reading verified customer reviews

Unbiased reviews from verified customers are a treasure trove of information about a product or service. Most customers will leave a review of a company or product on two occasions: when they’re extremely satisfied or happy, and when they’re extremely disappointed and upset.

Before buying anything, read reviews on the product or service and the company you’re getting it from. Verified customer reviews will give you a better sense of the quality of a product and consumer experience.

Using a debit card instead of a credit card

Credit cards are generally the more secure option to pay for online purchases. They also offer better consumer protection against unauthorized transactions. It’s best to use a separate credit card for online shopping.

You can also apply for a prepaid credit card from your bank. Many banks offer MasterCard prepaid cards that may be used for online purchases as well as restaurants and shops that accept MasterCard. You just have to load the card with money before using it. This is a great way to control and manage your online spending.




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